News from St Andrew's

  • Fine artist Jenny Cook Battersby opens her studio for Garden and Art trail
    Jenny Cook-Battersby and fellow artists will be exhibiting in both Jenny's studio, and at St Andrew's church, during the weekend of the Garden and Art Trail. Jenny and her friends current exhibition 'Artful Minds' will be at Lava Glass, another of our sponsors, until 31st July.
    Posted: Thursday 6 June 2019
  • Too much smoke!
    Recently the Order of the Holy Cross (An Anglican Benedictine order) held it's Retreat at St St Andrew's. On Saturday the thurible was lit... and set off the smoke alarms. The wonderful Taupo Fire Brigade came to check that everything was as it should be (and it was) and the service got underway again. This time with only the scent of the incense.
    Posted: Tuesday 31 October 2017